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What is NoticeBoardPro?

NoticeBoardPro is an online, web-based, notice / bulletin board system that acts as a market place and lets you advertise, for example:

  • a room to rent,
  • a car for sale,
  • a job opportunity,
  • a house for sale,
  • an upcoming event,
  • an announcement,
  • a service, and so on.

You can also use NoticeBoardPro to create your very own car boot sale.

NoticeBoardPro is often used as part of a village or school intranet site. We have a variety of clients using this software.

Having downloaded NoticeBoardPro you can install it on any web server that supports PHP and MySQL (most Linux-based web servers do).

Once installed, users can register with the software and advertise their item(s) for sale, services, and so on.

Adding a new item is very quick and easy to do, with the ability to upload a photo or other image if required.

Unregistered users are free to browse all the items available on the notice board. If they find something that interests them, they can then contact the advertiser if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Currently, NoticeBoardPro is FREE software, and this is how we would like it to stay. It does take time and effort to maintain the software though, so we would ask that if you decide to download the software you please make a small donation via PayPal if you possibly can.

This will encourage and enable us to further develop the product, and to ensure that it remains as FREE software for other people to download and use.

Download NoticeBoardPro now.

Customisation of NoticeBoardPro

As NoticeBoardPro is written in PHP it can be customised to suit individual needs. If you require help or advice on this front, please contact us.

Lockable Notice Boards

As well as online (software) notice boards such as NoticeBoardPro, there are physical notice boards available. Of course, one of the important factors with any notice board is that you have control over the items that are displayed on it, which is why you may prefer to go for lockable notice boards to ensure that they are tamperproof and items are secure. Such notice boards are available in a range of colours and sizes to suit all tastes and requirements.

Notice boards of all types provide an excellent information point when you need to display, for example, marketing material, posters, memos, and company newsletters.

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